Climate-controlled units at modSTORAGE in Monterey, California

Climate-Controlled Self-Storage

Cold, heat, and humidity can cause complications. Sometimes your things need an extra layer of protection to keep them safe from the outdoor elements. modSTORAGE’s climate-controlled storage maintains your unit’s temperature and humidity in a consistent, ideal range throughout the year, creating a safe environment for items sensitive to anything but the mildest of conditions. Give your things the protection they deserve with climate-controlled storage today.

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Climate Control?

While most items do just fine in traditional storage units, certain items in particular are sensitive to shifts in temperature and humidity. Those items include electronics (such as computers), musical instruments, wooden and leather furniture, photographs, artwork, and medical supplies. Climate-controlled units help make sure the condition of your valuables stays the same, no matter what it looks like outside.

Climate-controlled units at modSTORAGE in Monterey, California
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