RV, Boat & Auto spaces at modSTORAGE in Rifle, Colorado

RV, Boat & Auto Storage

Whether you don’t have the space to keep a boat at home or your HOA isn’t keen on having RVs parked in the driveway, don’t let a lack of space hold you back from big adventures. Located in Rifle, Colorado, modSTORAGE offers a place to park your prized possessions when you’re not out exploring the great outdoors. Consider modSTORAGE a home away from home for your RV, boat, or classic car.

modSTORAGE is proud to introduce RV, Boat & Auto Storage. It is a unique feature in our Rifle location. We wanted to create a better type of storage to serve our community. modSTORAGE knows that Rifle loves its sports cars, boating, and RVS, so we decided to create storage area for all your vehicles.  We will keep a safe eye on your property. You always have a place to park here, in more ways than one.

Our auto storage is not just limited to big vehicles.  We will protect your motorcycles, carts, and off-road vehicles too. Think of our storage as a second garage. Our storage units make an excellent place to store your tools and spare parts so you can finally clear out your garage. To make things easier, we just don’t offer Auto Storage but U-Haul rental also. So, if you need to tow a vehicle to storage, you can do that by renting a truck from us. This way if you wanted to store a vehicle without gasoline or oil, it is easier to do that.

Boat storage is important because your ship can get banged if left on the docks over the winter. It is best to dry dock whenever possible. This also goes for smaller vessels like Jet Skis as well. Dry docking keeps your water vehicle safe and prevents barnacle buildup. Call Us and learn more about boat storage, auto storage, and RV storage here.


Think of us on your first stop on your adventure. Pick up all your vacation toys at modSTORAGE. We can house all of your automobiles, and we are near Slit & New Castle for your convenience. Our Rifle, Colorado location is super easy to get to just take the Interstate 70.

We are very close to Rifle Falls. If you go hiking there, leave your items with us. We have a variety of self-storage units to fill whatever outdoor adventure needs you have.

Where can you store your second home, while at home? Here at modSTORAGE Rifle, we offer RV storage. Your HOA doesn’t want your RV in your backyard, but we want it in ours. Drop off your vacation home with us.

modSTORAGE can also store cars, jet skis, boats, and anything else taking up room in your garage. Keep your automobiles safe with our auto storage. Call us if you have any questions, let our modSTORAGE professionals guide you through your perfect storage unit.

RV & Boat Storage storage at modSTORAGE in Rifle, Colorado
RV Storage at modSTORAGE in Rifle, Colorado
Uncovered RV storage at modSTORAGE in Rifle, Colorado
RV Storage available at modSTORAGE in Rifle, Colorado

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