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RV, Boat & Auto Storage
In modSTORAGE Laramie located at 1302 Skyline Rd, Laramie, WY 82070

Whether you don’t have the space to keep a boat at home or your HOA isn’t keen on having RVs parked in the driveway, don’t let a lack of space hold you back from big adventures. Located in Laramie, Wyoming, modSTORAGE Laramie offers a place to park your prized possessions when you’re not out exploring the great outdoors. Consider modSTORAGE Laramie a home away from home for your RV, boat, or classic car.

Ideal Location

Secure RV, Boat, and Auto Storage in Laramie, WY at modSTORAGE

Welcome to modSTORAGE Laramie, your premier destination for RV, boat, and auto storage. Located in the heart of Laramie, Wyoming, our facility is equipped to offer the best in security, accessibility, and flexibility to meet all your vehicle storage needs.

Why Choose modSTORAGE Laramie for Your Vehicle Storage?

  • Top-Level Security: Our facility boasts high-security features including 24/7 surveillance, gated access, and well-lit premises to ensure your vehicle is protected at all times.
  • Convenient Access: Easily accessible from major roads and highways in Laramie, we offer convenient access hours so you can retrieve or park your vehicles at your convenience.
  • Variety of Storage Options: Whether you need to store a compact car, a large RV, or a boat, our spacious storage units come in various sizes that can accommodate any vehicle type.
  • Affordable Rates: We provide competitive pricing options without compromising on service quality or security, making us the best value choice for vehicle storage in the area.

Features of Our Vehicle Storage Facility

Our facility is designed with the needs of vehicle owners in mind. We offer:

  • Paved Parking Areas: All our parking spaces are paved and marked, ensuring your vehicle stays in a clean and stable environment.
  • Preventative Maintenance Space: Need to run an engine check or perform basic maintenance? Our spaces allow room for you to keep your vehicle in top shape.
  • Flexible Lease Terms: From short-term rentals for seasonal storage to long-term arrangements, we have flexible options to suit your schedule.

Ideal for All Types of Vehicles

  • RVs: Protected outdoor spaces ensure your RV is ready for your next adventure.
  • Boats: Keep your boat safe during the off-season in our secure lots.
  • Automobiles: Great for classic cars, convertibles, or any vehicle that benefits from secure, off-street parking.

Visit Us Today

Discover why modSTORAGE Laramie is a leading choice for RV, boat, and auto storage in Laramie, Wyoming. Stop by our facility at 1302 Skyline Road to see the spaces for yourself, or contact us today to discuss your storage needs and reserve your spot.

Contact modSTORAGE Laramie for Secure Vehicle Storage

Ready to secure a spot for your vehicle? Call us now or visit our website to learn more about our services and make your reservation. Protect your investment with modSTORAGE Laramie – where your vehicle's safety is our top priority.

Our auto storage is not just limited to big vehicles. We will protect your motorcycles, carts, and off-road vehicles too. Think of our storage as a second garage. Our storage units make an excellent place to store your tools and spare parts so you can finally clear out your garage. To make things easier, we just don’t offer Auto Storage but U-Haul rental also. So, if you need to tow a vehicle to storage, you can do that by renting a truck from us. This way if you wanted to store a vehicle without gasoline or oil, it is easier to do that.

Boat storage is important because your ship can get banged if left on the docks over the winter. It is best to dry dock whenever possible. This also goes for smaller vessels like Jet Skis as well. Dry docking keeps your water vehicle safe and prevents barnacle buildup. Call Us and learn more about boat storage, auto storage, and RV storage here.

A couple outside the door of their RV near modSTORAGE in Laramie, Wyoming
A father and son steering a boat on a lake near modSTORAGE in Laramie, Wyoming

Think of us on your first stop on your adventure. Pick up all your vacation toys at modSTORAGE. We can house all of your automobiles, boats, and everything in between. Our Laramie, Wyoming location is super easy to get to just take the Dwight D. Eisenhower Highway.

We are very close to the University of Wyoming. So if you need to save some space for your dorm, store your items with us. And if you don’t need your car while you have classes, store that with us also.

Where can you store your second home, while at home? Here at modSTORAGE Laramie, we offer RV storage. Your HOA doesn’t want your RV in your backyard, but we want it in ours. Drop off your vacation home with us.

modSTORAGE Laramie can also store cars, jet skis, boats, and anything else taking up room in your garage. Keep your automobiles safe with our auto storage. Call us if you have any questions, let our modSTORAGE professionals guide you through your perfect storage unit.

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